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My Story

That's me! I'm the co-founder of She's the First, a resident Brooklynite, a self-defense teacher, and yes, a feminist (you didn't guess?). My Facebook post about online harassment went viral in January. It was covered in SELF, People, Daily MailSeventeen, AOL and many other places before it died down. In the meantime, I got a LOT of messages -- many inspirational, and many....not. I made this site for the same reason I shared my original post: harassment is something women experience on a regular basis, to a level most men couldn't guess. So this is me, standing up, saying no, look. This is what we deal with. 

I couldn't just post the bad, though -- so many women and men shared amazing stories and messages of encouragement with me. In the same way that the examples of harassment and lack of understanding highlight the gender issues we face in our society, the shared experiences do, too. I wanted their testimony here as well. 

Everything on this site consists of messages sent to me via email or Facebook, with some occasional comments and shares thrown in. For Christen's Inbox 2.0: Nightmare in the Comment Section, see the Daily Mail, People, or AOL and scroll down. As bad as many of the messages here have gotten, those are much, much worse. (Mom, don't do that.)

Thank you to those of you who stood up for me and for women. You guys rock. 

Harassment Resources

To take a stand against street harassment: Hollaback!
If you're facing online harassment: Hollaback's HeartMob
To learn self-defense (NYC): Center for Anti-Violence Education

And as always, to support my work providing high-quality education to girls around the world, check out She's the First.




Quick shoutout to Katie for taking the photo seen 'round the world, Tammy for being the world's best peer mentor, and to Chris, Derek, Brian, Alyssa, Nate, Julie, Kat, Molly and Pat for various technical and emotional assistance.